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12 Sustainability Principles

12 Sustainability Principles

There are 12 key Principles to the Dubuque Model identified by Dubuque citizens.  These Principles are not new and many examples already exist in our community.  They are part of our community values that citizens want to preserve and leave for future generations.  These 12 Principles are organized according to our 3 part sustainability model.

Economic Prosperity   Environmental Ecological Integrity   Social Cultural Vibrancy
Community Design   Clean Water   Community Knowledge
Smart Energy Use   Healthy Air   Green Buildings
Resource Management   Native Plants & Animal   Healthy Local Foods        
Regional Economy    Reasonable Mobility             Community Health and Safety

 We invite you to join us in creating a more Sustainable Dubuque for today's generation and tomorrow's.

In 2015, Dubuque became a 4-STAR certified community through the STAR Community Rating program!  For more details on Dubuque's strengths and opportunities for improvement, click here


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