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Information for Businesses & Organizations

Local Initiatives Helping Businesses To Becoming Sustainable.

Businesses in Dubuque are leading the way in creating a more viable, livable and equitable community.  We encourage you to take advantage of national resources and international best practices, and also utilize these local, pesonalized resources as you consider how sustainability fits into your business plan.


The Petal Project

The Petal Project is a green business certification that is designed to help Eastern Iowa businesses adopt policies and practices that positively impact the environment and the company’s bottom line. This project provides businesses a clear sustainability framework and technical assistance from a Petal Project representative while creating a universally understood definition of a green business for consumers wishing to shop based on their values. Click here  for more information.


Business Innovation Consortium

Multi-generational business and start-ups are creating cutting edge technology, exploring new markets, and incorporating sustainability into their business models by participating in the Sustainability Innovation Consortium.  Currently, the Consortium consists of 20 employers who meet on a regular basis, sharing best practices for the private sector.  Greater Dubuque Development Corporation provides staff support for the Consortium.


Intercultural Competency Program

Intercultural competence means the ability to work well with people who come from backgrounds and experiences that might be different from one’s own. The City of Dubuque initiated a multi-year intercultural competence training and organizational development initiative for City staff and now has expanded their work to partner with businesses and other community partners to address topics including intercultural communication, diversity, and creating a more welcoming community. Click here for more information.


ECIA Business Growth, Inc.

ECIA Business Growth, Inc.operates business loan programs including the SBA 504 Program and several Revolving Loan Funds.  Most recently, an Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan (EELF) was created in partnership with the City of Dubuque to assist businesses in making energy efficiency, and in some cases renewable energy, retrofits. Since 1983, the ECIA Business Growth Board of Directors has approved $ 61,536,655 in loans resulting in the creation or retention of 4,531 jobs.


Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency

The DMASWA provides environmentally sound, financially stable, fiscally responsible, community recognized, solid waste management services that include appropriate waste reduction, resource conservation, and disposal activities.


Additional Resources

Sustainable Dubuque staff continue to work on expanding awareness, creating partnerships, and encouraging initiatives involving in all sectors of the community. Click here to contact us.  We look forward to collaborating with you!

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