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Community Design

Sustainable Dubuque is a community that values the built environment of the past, present and future which contributes to its identity, heritage and sense of people. 


How is Dubuque achieving the Community Design principle? 

  1. Historic Millwork District Revitalization
  2. Bee Branch Restoration Project


I want to ...

Learn about the Historic Millwork District Revitalization- Over one million square feet of historic warehouse space will be redeveloped in the Historic Millwork District. While private building owners are committed to renovating the warehouse using sustainable best practice, the  public sector will create complete streets that are accessible for all. 


Learn about the Bee Branch Restoration Project- Over 4,500 feet of buried Bee Branch Creek is being excavated reconstructed, and restored. This project will benefit 1,150 homes from flood protections and meet today's design standards for stormwater management.


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