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Coalition Vision, Mission and Goals




In Dubuque County, systems, policies and engagement exist to ensure that all have access to healthy lifestyle and wellness opportunities.



The Dubuque County Wellness coalition cultivates and supports the efforts of organizations, collaborates to impact policy and infrastructure, communicates to identify gaps and duplication of efforts and utilizes data in order to influence individual and community health.



  1. Develop capacity of Wellness Coalition

    1. Define meeting structure.

    2. Strategize regarding opportunities to engage new Coalition members.(note: this should be strategic.Do you want CEOs at the table?Worker bees?What will you ask of them?What does it mean to be a member?)

    3. Seek opportunities to implement a community-wide health and wellness model.

    4. Develop new member orientation.

  2. Seek opportunities for community health and wellness improvement, utilizing existing data.

    1. Support grant applications and implementation

    2. Sustainable Dubuque/STAR Indicators

  3. Provide health and wellness information and resources to the community.

    1. Utilize  as an existing resource for all members and the community.

    2. Communication between Coalition members and the organizations they represent to get the word out about existing events and resources.

    3. Business outreach and engagement

    4. Explore additional marketing/education opportunities and marketing templates

  4. Coordinate health promotion and preventive activities in our community.

    1. Live Healthy Dubuque (LHD Group)

    2. Focus Five

    3. Smarter Health/Smarter Sustainable Dubuque

    4. Explore a new event or initiative the wellness coalition could champion

    5. Coordinate health promotion and preventative activities in our community

  5. Encourage and assist with policy development to enhance health and wellness of Dubuque County citizens.

    1. Smoke-free multiunit housing

    2. Walkability/bikability

    3. DCSD Wellness Policy

    4. Healthy local food





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