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Community Knowledge

Sustainable Dubuque is a community that values education, empowerment and engagement to achieve economic prosperity, environmental integrity and social/cultural vibrancy.


How is Dubuque achieving the Community Knowledge principle?

  1. Project Hope
  2. Heart Youthbuild
  3. The Multicultural Family Center
  4. Every Child, Every Promise
  5. Green Vision Schools

I want to...

Learn about services that connect disengaged youth and adults to education and employment opportunities.

Project Hope convenes philanthropy, business, government, education, workforce and service providers to:

  •     Improve coordination among providers
  •     Connect people to education/skills training
  •     Increase pathways to employment
  •     Support the Circles Initiative
  •     Help families build financial assets


Learn more about non-profits making a difference in the Dubuque community.

HEART is an innovative approach to engaging at-risk and disconnected youth.

Matter Creative Center offers fun, exciting experiences that help people of all ages and abilities build their creativity and live better lives.                                                                                  

The Multicultural Family Center empowers all families and community members of Dubuque to reach their potential and build unity out of diversity.

Every Child, Every Promise engages the entire community in delivering the Five Promises-Caring Adults, Safe Places, A Healthy Start, An Effective Education, and Opportunities to Serve- to every child.

 Learn how to help your school become a Green Vision Education School!

Green Vision Education Program recognizes schools that practice pollution prevention, recycling, energy efficiency and waste reduction.Click here to learn more.



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