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Green Buildings

 Sustainable Dubuque is a community that values a productive and healthy built environment.


How is Dubuque achieving the Green Building principle?

Private and public organizations, along with individuals, are creating a more Sustainable Dubuque by creating Green Buildings through nationally-recognized best practices.


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Learn more about the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative.

Green and Healthy Homes offers integrated health, safety, lead hazards reduction, energy efficiency and weatherization interventions in low- to moderate-income homes in Dubuque.

 Find out which buildings in Dubuque are achieving the highest in sustainability standards.

Visit the US Green Building Council's website for a listing of all the Dubuque buildings who have achieved the distinction of being a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building.  Keep in mind that several buildings in Dubuque are built to LEED standards, but have chosen not to apply for the designation, and that Dubuque's strong historic preservation history means that many other building managers are creating green buildings using other best practices.



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