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Reasonable Mobility

Sustainable Dubuque is a community that values safe, reasonable and equitable choices to access live,work and play opportunities.


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Learn about the Smart Travel project.

The goal of the Smart Travel research is to identify options for all Dubuque commuters to save money, conserve resources, and improve the environment through better travel choices. Click here for more information.


Learn about the Dubuque Rack & Ride Program.

The Dubuque “Rack & Ride” Program allows Jule passengers to use the bicycle racks free of charge with the purchase of a regular bus fare ticket. Click here for more information.


View the map of bike trails in Dubuque.

To view Dubuque bike routes click here .


See a magnificent view of the historic Dubuque business district, the Mississippi River and three states.

The Fenelon Place elevator is described as the world's shortest, steepest scenic railway, 296 feet in length, elevating passengers 189 feet from Fourth Street to Fenelon Place. Click here for more information.


Learn about Proudly Accessible Dubuque.

Proudly Accessible Dubuque is an independent organization concerned with issues of accessibility for all. Click here for more information.



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